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Radio Lwo

Together as one

Radio Lwo  is a community based station that promotes greater link between various communities through their cultural diversity,uniqueness and aspirations.

Radio Lwo  also promotes health,cultural,educational,entertainment  issues and  above all current affairs.


Radio Lwo from time to time will promote the best entertainment, educational ,cultural and health programs, to the highest standard .Although the initial broadcast will only run on few days and hours as detailed on the Radio Programme.


Togetherness  as one

Milton Odwir

Alucha Robert

DJ M’clil

Charles Okot


Radio Lwo relies mainly on the Volunteers, who are eager to pass on their knowledge and skills. Besides,there those who seek experiences and training.

  If you fall in any of those categories ,please do not hesitate to contact Radio Lwo .We need you!


Radio Lwo was formed  in 2013 by Milton Odwir, since its formation it was passionately driven to entertain, educate and inform Lwo and Uganda community in Diaspora.

Despite financial, technical and man power short coming, Milton manages to keep the station running single handed.

Towards mid 2014, Radio Lwo got blessed, when Alucha and some volunteers joined the broadcasting section. This made it possible for drama, news and other programs to be aired on Radio Lwo weekly.

With positive contributions and support from individuals and Lwo community  around the world, Radio Lwo is continuously improving to provide you the best services its sets to offer.